Ich bin ein Berliner

„Ich bin ein Berliner“
A One Man Show (English Version)
by Andreas Göx

Wednesday, 13th of November 2019, at 9 pm.

Villa Neukölln
Hermannstr. 233, U-Bhf Boddinstraße
Entrance fee: 10 Euro, concessions: 5 Euro
In co-operation with the Kulturprojekte Berlin and the Berliner Mauerstiftung

„Ich bin ein Berliner“ is a collection of short stories about
growing up in West-Berlin, surrounded by the Wall.

Written and performed by Andreas Göx in English
Produced and directed by Thérèse Browne
Duration: 50 minutes

What was it like growing up in a divided city, surrounded by an impenetrable wall with a death strip and the disappearance of it‘s countryside? These are my adventures and experiences in the presence of the Iron Curtain.

„Ich bin ein Berliner“ is about the personal experiences of a Zeitzeuge. A collection of short stories about growing up in West-Berlin, surrounded by the Wall and in celebration of the 30th. anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
What does it mean to be cut off from your surrounding countryside, the other half of your city and to become a tourist in your hometown?
Walls of protection and alienation, posing questions of homeland, identity and family ties.
Personal experiences are intertwined in the Berlin Stories, with the political realities of the Cold War and the period following the fall of the Wall.
The theatre monologue, „Ich bin ein Berliner“ was commissioned in English, for the Irish stage and is performed in the original version.

“The place where I come from was a rather strange one. I grew up with a wall around my city. I
didn´t know it any other way.” (The Point of no Return)


„Ich bin ein Berliner“ is about identity, separation and alienation, about walls that protect but can also deform people. The short stories describe the two halves of Berlin drifting apart and the collision of these alien worlds, when the Wall suddenly came down, after 28 years of existence.
The familiarity of the Berlin accent, on the other side of the Wall, was the last common denominator which reminded Berliners that they shared common roots – everything else was very different, but the accent connected the divided city of a people, who had lost contact during the Cold War.

“These were two worlds apart, separated by a wall, which ran through everybody ́s head.”
(In Retrospect)

„Ich bin ein Berliner“ premiered at OBLOMOV – Thursday, April 25th, 2019.